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Re: Any old timers still around?

no, not Addie. Addie is Dutch and used to live in a small town very close to Santaman's. I've been in contact with him until about 3 years ago. At that time the poor dear had to work on a translation for a car manual from German into Dutch and English. I helped him a bit which was a lot of fun He also wrote an excellent (and totally serious) article about the history of the toilet. Sadly, I lost contact when he moved.

The other guy I meant is younger than Addie and came from a Belgian town in the dutch-speaking part of the country. If I recall correctly he had a tank in his avatar for a while.
I don't know much else about him. He joined in 2002, was a member of EFCL (no founder, though, I believe), was possibly on Wordforge or Lonaf as well and posted at TK for a while. He was in his early 20s then, so he would have been born around 1980.
His political opinions were rather frighteningly right-wing which was why I broke off the contact very abruptly.
I once saw a photo of him. He was dark haired which stuck in my memory as it's not typical for people in his region and I had expected him to be blonde.
Somehow I always think of the letter P in association with him. Maybe his real name started with a P but I am not sure at all - I have a horribly bad memory for names.

Sturmde is another poster from back then we can put on the MIA list. He's still a Flaptain (which he already was back in 2002) and hasn't been here since February.

And speaking of missing oldtimers - what about the oldest oldie? When was big C last seen? Rumour has it that in the beginning he actually posted all over the board with the ordinary mortals. At my time he occasionally published announcements and requests for money. But nowadays he seems to have vanished completely. Could it be that Bonzie keeps his remains in her freezer?
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