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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Sight Unseen: Could not wait for this to be over.
As plot devices go, I can't imagine how they thought they'd create a dramatic episode around harmless bugs that have always been here, can't hurt anything, exist in a different dimension, and can just be ignored.

I'd have gone with a story where the team finds out that Hathor somehow posed for the April 1962 edition of Playboy, so they go to Heff's mansion to see if anyone remembers a playmate with glowing eyes. They gate through a solar flare to travel back to 1962 and find out Heff is also a Goa'uld, but they can't alter the timeline and also realize that he can't be implanting symbiotes in the playmates because the pouch would be pretty obvious. So they drink a few beers and leave. Pointless and stupid, but playmates would hold the screen better than badly rendered CGI bugs, and Heff is so obviously Goa'uld that the story would make perfect sense.
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