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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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And the magic/mythology thing is really hard to work with. I don't know why Thor managed to do such good box office
From Superman to Neo to James Bond to the Uncle Bob T-800 to countless others, male supermen/demi-gods are pretty common box office winners.

, you can quote the plot of Aliens all you like, but the fact remains that, physically speaking, Ripley was no superwoman in either of those first two films. In a fair fight, Hicks, Hudson, or Vasquez would easily have beaten her. It was only through her superior situational experience, Hicks' incapacitation, Hudson's comical ineptness and Vasquez's death that she became the last adult standing. Whereas if Wonder Woman had been part of the expedition, she'd have been the obvious leader from the get-go, and the movie would have been totally different.

... Because she is strong enough to easily beat the crap out of any non-metahuman. And sometimes she can fly. And deflect bullets and all. She'd probably be as scared of a facehugger as a human adult would be a rabid house cat - problematic, maybe, but nothing a solid kick couldn't take care of. It's actually easier to write/get audiences to care for an underdog than a superhuman, which is why we see a lot more thriller heroines than action ones.
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