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Is Titan going to be the only Lit only series now?

In the past couple days it has been mentioned in a couple threads that Titan appears to be the only ongoing Lit only series(DTI has only been 2 books, so I don't think we can call it ongoing yet), and personally I'm really disappointed by that. I think we've gotten some great stuff in the Lit original series, and really hope that is not coming to an end. I know that the books based on the TV/movie series have a lot more freedom now than they did a decade ago, but there is still a certain amount of freedom that the authors were able to have with the completely original characters that will be missed. If weren't for the Lit series we wouldn't have gotten characters like Mac Calhoun or Dr. Ree, who I would put right up there with Spock, or Data as great Trek characters. If the era of Lit original series is over, then I will miss it.
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