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Re: Do flaws make good characters great?

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Jefferson wa not an average Joe
So what? Being rich doesn't make slavery okay to practice.

What on Earth makes you thinks she would have had any choice but to do whatever he wanted her? He was her slave. It's not like she could call the police if he tried to force himself on her. She had no legal rights.
She had no legal choice but i am pretty sure Jefferson gave her a choice
On what basis do you conclude that a slave-owner would do such a thing? If he were big into giving her choices, he would have freed her.

otherwise there wouldm had been no romance.
What makes you think there was a romance? On what basis do you conclude that Jefferson ever felt the need to obtain the consent of the women he held in captive bondage?

I doubt Jefferson needed to go around and rape women, he proabably had plenty of willing sex partners.
The desire to rape someone has nothing to do with not being able to find willing partners.

So what? Being rich doesn't make slavery okay to practice.
It does not make it so but he probably had more nuanced views about blacks despite being a slaver himself.
"More nuanced views about blacks?" To what do you refer?
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