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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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You may not have known who Green Lantern and Iron Man are, but they had a long position in the popular culture in comics, animation and generations of merchandising--
And in no way were bigger names than Wonder Woman. The idea that WW's problem is that her brand recognition isn't at the level of male superheroes only really works when you're discussing Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, characters of that recognition. By the time studios have moved on to Ant-Man and Green Lantern it's no longer a feasible argument.

I find this partially false: the original Alien movie series
May have wanted to read more of the thread here. As I responded to someone who used the example of Cameron's action films (such as, obivously, Aliens):
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Well he's right at least Cameron has made action films starring women... decades ago. But I'm not talking about whether or not successful action films with female leads exist (because there are) but that Hollywood believes they would not make the money they want on those pictures.
And this is precisely the paradigm we have here, and why there hasn't been any blockbuster superheroine-starring films for a long time. Hollywood doesn't want to bet on something they consider more likely to lose.
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