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Kira's Age - She was 26 in Season One?

According to Memory Alpha's article on Kira Nerys, Kira was 26 years old during Season 1 of DS9 (you have to do the math... it isn't specifically stated on that entry). Does that seem realistic to you?? Apparently she got her start with Shakaar's resistance cell when she was 12.

It just seems kinda crazy to me that the Bajoran militia would give the post of DS9 Bajoran Liason / First Officer to a 26 year old, but I guess you could argue that after 50 years of the Occupation they didn't have many "qualifed" people to give the job to. Or would you try to argue that she distinguished herself so much as a resistance fighter that she deserved the post? That thought brings to mind a conversation that Kira had with Dukat (I believe it was him) when he said that the Cardassians considered her a minor member of the Resistance. Of course, he probably said that just to annoy her.

I'm guessing that the producers / story writers didn't really take Nana Visitor's looks into account when they came up with these figures. She didn't look like she was 26 during Season 1.
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