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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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the original Alien movie series was headlined by a woman who managed to overcome the odds when her male counterparts ended up as hosts for Facehuggers.
Alien is a horror movie (in which Final Girls are fairly common), a haunted ship in space, not an action movie, and Ripley is certainly no superhuman.

Even in Aliens, which is an action movie, she's still more of a Final Girl than a badass, eventually taking the action lead only because the real tough ones, the Marines, are wounded or killed.
I disagree with the Tropes definition. In Aliens, Ripley was skeptical of the marines from the start, questioning their every decision, then taking command as soon as the first attack occured in the sub-level (ignoring the CO). from that point, she asserted herself throughout the rest of the film, barking orders at a trained soldier (Hudson) and Company sleaze alike (Burke). She was no shrinking violet only finding her strength at the last minute when all else failed (that's more like Barbara in 1968's Night of the Living Dead).

Moreover, no 1980s message of the new brand of female empowerment was as clear as the tease of Ripley using that exoskeleton/mover, only to have her turn it into armored battle gear in the finale--after the planetside scenes of her causing physcial destruction on par with that decade's most criticized violent films, Rambo: First Blood II and Scarface.

The new superwoman had arrived, so much that standing next to an actual superheroine in that era's big screen Supergirl, Ripley appeared to be the bigger super-badass, even without a cape.
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