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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Planet blue blur posted here looks utterly pathetic compared to Season 1 planets.

How did CBS allow this to happen?

It seems as though they thought 'These guys used to work on the show, we can give them 100% control and we will be ok' - well that backfired! The FX seen thus far are a sharp downgrade from season 1.

All it needed was some form of communication between the two to ensure they where getting the same style & quality of season 1. Its as if they just left them to it.

To be fair I would have felt confident to allow Curry/Drexler and Takemura to use their own judgement because they originally made the show! but if I was in charge and saw their work starting to trickle in and noticed it was sub-par compared to season 1 - I would have said something!

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