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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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the original Alien movie series was headlined by a woman who managed to overcome the odds when her male counterparts ended up as hosts for Facehuggers.
Alien is a horror movie (in which Final Girls are fairly common), a haunted ship in space, not an action movie, and Ripley is certainly no superhuman.

Even in Aliens, which is an action movie, she's still more of a Final Girl than a badass, eventually taking the action lead only because the real tough ones, the Marines, are wounded or killed.

Same goes for Sarah Connor, really: Final Girl in T1, not nearly as tough or strong as Uncle Bob in T2.

So, unless we're talking about a non-superpowered WW, I don't find Ripley or Sarah Connor to be useful points of reference. Alice and Selene, yes. But I've already addressed them.
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