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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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Dammit! *chloroforms Rhubarbodendron who is then put into a FedEx box and sent to Bora Bora*
thank you! Being a big fan of Methos (from the Highlander series), who is reported to hide there when he needs a time out, I've always wanted to go there but lacked the money.

I agree, Nick, those two sayings are not exactly realistic (particularly from teh point of view of an atheist).
We Germans are more pessimistic when we say "of friends in an emergency, 1000 weigh an ounce" [Freunde in der Not gehn tausend auf ein Lot] (meaning that if you need them, the vast majority of people you thought of as friends will turn you down).
Still, I was lucky enough to prove this proverb wrong in the past.
a hug a day keeps the psachiatrist away
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