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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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In addition to that, I bet that we will get more answers as to how the outbreak happened.
I'm not so sure; after Return of the Living Dead and Romero's films (and the 28 films, though they are not traditional zombie films), most avoided direct explanations for the outbreak. Most either tip-toe around it, or avoid it outright, as the writers/producers know fans will rip apart any attempt to point to a hardline answer, as the "science' of it would be chuckle-inducing at best (as in the suggested formula behind the outbreak in the 2008 Day of the Dead reboot).

The TV Walking Dead's CDC trip was careful to skate around providing answers, only revealing that everyone is alleged to be infected--with...something.

On the other side, many want to avoid a religious explanation, as many productions often dip into the atheist pool with characters openly balking at the outbreak being a form of prophecy unfolding, or a general statement on mankind's "sentence" (TWD has several characters like this, including a cut scene of a pissy Dale listening to a radio broadcaster exploring the religious idea).

So, we end up with no reason at all---it just happens, so on that note for both character and viewer, there's not much hope or answer, other than to keep running...and how long can that go on before it becomes stale, or stuck in repeat mode of temporary safety, infighting, external threats, and a shock zombie attack on a main cast member?
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