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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

I live in a small country town - there's no specialist here and I don't have a car It's not easy to deal with it alone, but so far I have managed, with a little help from my friends.
My job requires me to drive a lot and to move in difficult terrain - taking medication would be out of the question as it'd influence my reaction time. Accidents would inevitably follow. Therefore I take chocolate instead . I lost my depression but gained a few lbs. Not really a bad bargain, if you ask me.
Also, there's this actor I adore and who has such a pleasant voice. He has a video diary and I copied all entries and all interviews with him I could get to mp3 and put them on my walkman. It helps me a lot when I am nervous or under stress. It's like talking with a friend.
My job keeps me to busy/tired to go out and make friends. After 5 years in this town I still know only colleagues and the staff from the shops and restaurants I frequent. That's going to change in February when the new semester starts, as I intend to take evening classes (either Italian or French - haven't made up my mind yet) and maybe find a few friends there.
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