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Re: TNG Caption This! 293: The Return of the Blu-Ray Images!

Picard: I'm going to miss these season 1 phasers.
Riker: Yeah, they exploded on impact and looked like they stood a chance of harming whoever you shot.

Picard: Soliciting sexual favors from Counselor Troi is not acceptable behavior. A reprimand will appear on your record.
Data: But am I not more human?
Picard: From the judge of it you're about six inches more human than I am commander. Deactivate your erection sub-routines in my presence.

Yar: Ugh!
Troi: Will, wear some deodorant!
Riker: It doesn't smell that bad.
Worf: It smells quite.... stimulating.

Geordi: That's right, I got gold rims, and all the style in the world. Talk to the pimp hand boys, I'll be busy with the ladies.
Goldshirt: I'll get more ladies than you by the end of the season.
Worf: This is the only episode you're in.
Goldshirt: That's right, no one will reject me.

Riker: Oh Jean-Luc, the luster of your pate sets my heart aflutter. Will you go out with me?
Picard: No!
Data: This is most fascinating.
Worf: I do not want to be here.
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