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Re: Most unjustly hated episode

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I get why people don't like it; but I always have appreciated the portrait of Archer as a man who did love his dog. And seeing how and why he got Porthos made it [the episode] passable for me.

is it really a major character revelation for Archer that he loved his dog? That hardly seems worth an entire episode to me that otherwise is an exercise in character assassination. IMHO, of course. YMMV. ROTFL. LOL. TTFN. MMXII.
Why would it have to be a major character revelation? As you say, we know going in he loves his dog. As I said, I still liked that element of the story.

well if it's not a major revelation, then why have an entire episode based around it? What, are they going to start doing entire episodes based around trivial crap in character's backgrounds? It's like that episode where we discover that.... REED LIKES PINEAPPLE CAKE!!!

Wow, that was certainly worthy of our time. And that was only a subplot, not the whole episode like ANIS was. And it didn't make Reed look like an immature jerk like Archer like ANIS did for Archer.

If you're going to do an episode that's basically a character piece, have it either be something significant about the character or have it be tied to the overall series and that character's continuing development. Otherwise you're basically just farting around.
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