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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...


At long last, I was finally able to sit down with my laptop last night and catch up, plowing my way through #19 to #23. And what a ride it was. Finally, after years of us watching the show and kvetching, no make that bitching, about how this show could've been so much more than it was, at last we're seeing Smallville's potential (both the show and Clark) come into being.

The artwork is quite amazing really; I love the full panel pages, especially with the Batmobile. And one drawing in particular in all of this made me stop and stare (for quite a few seconds!): The shot of Chlo in Issue 20, Page 5, the final panel. For the first time since I began reading this back in the summer, I felt like I was really looking at the real character, or Ally herself.

That said, this has become quite the roller-coaster, and I can't wait for more. With my schedule the way it is, I most likely will let the next few issues pile up again, then read them during vacation, along with the first ish of Countdown to Darkness.

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