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Unintended casualty during the great mainframe meltdown at the end of Call To Arms.

Aww, I used to think that was such a badass scene, but now whenever I see it I'll be thinking about the tragic death of O'Brien's tamagotchi.

Change of Heart (***)

When DS9 first aired over here, I already had it spoiled for me that Jadzia was going to die in the sixth season, but I didn't know how. So as I was watching this episode I genuinely thought that this was it, this was the episode where she was going to die, so when the episode ended semi-safely and Jadzia lived it felt like a major cop-out. My appreciation for the episode grew when I rewatched it on DVD, but I still feel that this would have been a better way to kill off Jadzia than red-eye Dukat randomly shooting her with his magical fire-beam. Even Terry Farrell felt this would have been the perfect way to exit the show. What's more, killing Jadzia now would have allowed them to introduce Ezri earlier and prevented her from dominating the first half of season 7.

This is easily the best episode about the Jadzia/Worf relationship, and it has some good banter between them. I'm not such a big fan of Worf's speech at the end though, he attempts to explain a very standard, very understandable decision in a Klingon way, because people in the audience may not have realised over the last 11 years that he's a Klingon. "The Klingon heart beats because it's forged with blood and stuff." It's just love, Worf, stop try to put a macho spin on it.

This episode also has half a b-story because Ron Moore didn't want to mix inconsequential fluff with a heavy a-story. He probably should have just dropped the b-story together, but I suppose there's only so much you can write about two characters trekking through the Star Trek jungle set. I'm not a fan of Bashir and Quark being in love with Jadzia as well, I don't know what the point of that was. Frankly, Bashir's obsession for Jadzia in the first season seemed to be driven primarily by his penis and not an emotional attachment to her (not to mention how creepy he was), so bringing that back and claiming that he was in love with her all along doesn't work. As for Quark, his attraction to Jadzia was always played as a joke, and he was intentionally creepy. That wasn't love, that was desire for oo-mox.
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