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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

Thinking about it a bit more, perhaps I look so favorably on B&C because it's not taking itself too seriously - as nBSG and Caprica did. I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of visual realism in the VFX shots (the interior of Osiris seemed fairly realistic to me), if it means a different, more entertaining approach to the fictional universe. If I want to watch hyper-melodramatic-realism, there's still four seasons of nBSG and its miniseries and TV movies. If I want glacially paced melodrama, I can still go back to Caprica.

And while B&C certainly isn't going to win any awards for its dialogue or character development (or characters themselves), at least at this point, it's presenting an enjoyable change of pace - in such a way that draws me back into a universe I thought had, at best, completely stagnated.
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