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Re: ‘Conan The Barbarian' and Arnold Reunited: Universal Reboots Franc

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Their names were typically similar to Irish or other Celtic names (Conan is an Irish name).
And it's pronounced Koh-nin not Koh-NAN.
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It's sort of similar to the the relationship between The US and Canada, except Austria has been part of Germany several times.
Not counting Hitler's conquest in the 1930s, Austrians have been seperate from Germany longer than Americans have been seperated from the United Kingdom by a factor of many centuries (though that Germany as a country no longer existed until the late nineteenth century when it defined itself as the German speaking world sans Austria kind of important).

And the only previous time they were part of Germany it was as a autonomous duchy in a feudal country that gradually dissolved in the late middle ages, unless one counts their loose involvement in non-binding Germanic groups.
Austrianic groups.
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