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Re: Red Dwarf series 9 (or is it 10?) in 2012 confirmed by Craig Charl

Um. Try reading what I typed again, because I didn't advocate downloads.

Efficient yes, but no collectability value.

If our media can't be displayed on a bookshelf and our friends turn green from envy, what's the point?

Disks last ten years before they rot and they're doomed from a small smudge or a scratch.

Imagine an 80s game cartridge, or an 8 track, that has 7 seasons of tng hardwired into it. Each solid harddrive that connects with a player that plugs into your tv has an entire series on it of hundred of episodes and it's mostly indestructable comapared to a cd, dvd or bluray.

Shape and size questionable?


It's going to be the revenge the Pogs strikes back.
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