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Re: Malcolm Reed/Dominic Keating Appreciation Tea and Big Gun Societ

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I think we should have Hayes walk all over him for every evening for a few weeks. That will tenderize all the best bits.
?!? Why would you ever involve someone who has no appreciation for the numerous talents of Our Sex Kitten?!

The idea is for US to be cuddling Our Sex Kitten... until he's too fatigued to be on duty, and then to get him out of Sickbay, we could volunteer to--ahem--nurse him back to health in his quarters... and if Trip tried to bust him out of house arrest, we, ah, could include him in our nursing duties...

To jespah: NSFW? explainy?

To teacake: I guess you don't know me from when I used to be on ST.c, or Arch-Angels, which I'm still on; now, repeat after me:
" Xindi, no MACOs; no MACOs, no Hayes; no Hayes, no problem!"

Keep repeating it until you can kinda-sorta see my point-of-view...
//sigh// " many (male) (Human) Starfleet officers, so little time..."
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