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Re: Favorite Superman Superfeats?

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Causing the Earth to spin backwards, stop, then forwards again, without immediately destroying the planet and everyone on it (as surely would 'really' happen). That's got to be some super-feat right there.
I've often read that he's not physically altering the rotation of earth, that's just the visual representation of him traveling so fast that he's traveling through time.
Then he over shot it, had to go forward a little bit to correct things and then settle on where (and when) he wanted to be. It's odd though because in that scene it sort of nulls Luthor's claim that Superman "even with his great speed" couldn't catch both of the missiles so either one was going to destroy the West Coast or one was going to destroy New Jersey. (Gee... Tough choice. )

But then in the end he circumnavigates the globe pretty much at the speed of light so he COULD fly fast enough to catch both missiles.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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