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Re: classic who anthology dvd box?

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Thanks for your suggestions. I donīt have access to netflix, because I live in Germany. But I ordered "The five doctors"...might be a good introduction to classic who. Then I can see which doctor I like best and buy further dvds from that doctors era.
That's a Good choice, I don't recall many fans who dislike it. Keep in mind, the First Doctor in that story is played by Richard Hurndall, doing a rather good impression of the Original Doctor played by William Hartnell, as Hartnell had already passed away. So, The first Doctor in this story isn't quite the same as the original, though a very good impression/example of his style
I actualy prefer Hurndals portrayal as the first doctor, Hartnal is to bitter, and snaps to easily in my opinion, while Hirndal is more caring and kind. Hurndal gives the impression of a grandfather like figure better than Hartnal, although Hartnal wasn't too bad as the first doctor. Then again, I'm not really a Hartnal fan anyway.

Anyway, I'd recomend that story to you, I'd also recomend genisis of the daleks as it's a clasic, tomb of the cybermen as it remains in my top 3 to this day, and is probably the best cybermen arc to date, the 1996 movie with Paul McGann because it's closser to the revival series to the clasic, and it's just brilliant, and my personal favourite the Tom Baker/Peter Davidson Master trillogy. It includes "the keeper of traken", "Logopilis" (Tom Bakers last story ever and my personal favourite), and "Castravalva". Such a good arc, and is just plain brilliant. Also try the two doctors, probably my favourite doctor cross over to date, it has the sontarans as the antagonists, and unlike a few of Colin Bakers storys, is done perfectly (although I'm a igger fan of Collin than most).
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