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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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Star Trek Voyager ended and became Star Trek Seven Of Nine show.

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Not to mention if "Before & After" was any indication of what Kes' future would have been like had she stayed on Voyager, then what did she really leave Ocampa for? She had just as much opportunity on Ocampa to have a child and be a doctor as she did on Voyager. She never explored her abilities and didn't do anything but grow old.
The point is that what we saw in "Before And After" may never have occurred even if Kes had stayed on the show. Kes's development may have taken an entirely different path. There were hints for a prolonged lifespan and a more important role on the ship.
And why should she stay on Ocampa when she wanted to learn and explore? In that case, the rest of the crew could have stayed on Earth or DS9. They could have done the same things there as they did on Voyager.
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