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Re: Which Battletech books should i read after the Blood of Kerensky?

True story. I went to Dragoncon in I think 1989 (the exact year escapes me) where FASA had a booth setup. I actually talked to some of the writers of the source books about some of the myths like the Minnesota Tribe and the White Wings. This was before anything referencing Clan Wolverine had been published if I remember correctly. They wouldn't reveal anything about the myths, but they did breakout in knowing smiles when I mentioned the tribe.

about 12 years later at another Dragoncon I got to hang out with Micheal Stackpole for a while. Nice guy. I thanked him for the awesomeness of the twists in the Warrior trilogy. Especially the wedding gift scene.

Those are the only two times I've acted like a typical sci-fi geek.
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