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Re: Which Battletech books should i read after the Blood of Kerensky?

^ There's actually still a very active, albeit small, Battletech community and they've been continually making new product so apparently it's still going pretty well. New fiction is being produced online and they're all about E-Reader stuff, but the tabletop game naturally still has hardcopy stuff.

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I try not to get into battletech conversations too much. Back in the day I was pretty obsessed with it to the point of collecting a lot of the harder to find stuff like the Stardate and Battletechnology Magazines. I even have the first editions of the source books. Including the Star League and Periphery books. I could easily relapse. It's still one of the most detailed socio-political settings ever developed that I have seen, surpassing Tolkien in a lot of ways.
It's a great setting and I love the games, but I can see what you mean, yeah.
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