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Re: Paramount and Borg Remastered: "[...]not interested."

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It has been a goal of mine to attempt a re-creation of Star Trek: Borg (Memory Alpha article), a Simon & Schuster game published in 1996. I have been trying to make the time for the past year and a half to convert the content to YouTube so it can be once more played as it once was, using the annotations feature. But rather than using YouTube, I wondered if S&S/Paramount might be interested in created a remastered version. Just think of how cool it would be to play on a tablet.

Out of pure fan curiosity, I poked and prodded certain contacts at Paramount to see if they would at all be interested in pursuing such a project. I had not heard back from them until a couple days ago. Which leads this thread from excitement to disappointment. They were not interested. But that is not all: Even if Paramount were interested in the project, I am told that the footage has been lost, possibly discarded or destroyed. Reminds me of what happened to the canned Interplay game "Secret of Vulcan Fury" and the lost recorded dialogue.

So much for digital remastering.

Here's the thing.

They can not acknowledge, this to you. Because if they decide to go ahead with the project, you could claim rights and demand compensation.

Check out the extras on the Star Trek Animated Series, interview with Davis Gerrold. He speaks about how he can not even discuss story topics.

Christopher in the TrekLit forum is also barking at posters to stop chatting about future stories, for same reason.

BTW, I don't believe either example of footage is really lost...

your dealing with a corporation remember.
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