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Favorite Superman Superfeats?

Since the 1970s, there's been 5 Superman movies. Some have been better than others. Some not worth rememering. But they've all featured our boy, Kal-El doing some pretty nifty stuff: rescues, catching bad guys and stuff like that. (In my opinion) even if the mvie itself wasn't all that great, they've all had some pretty awesome scenes of super ability shown.

So, what is your favorite action scene showing Kryptonian powers from a Superman movie, and why?

Me, there's a lot that I love, but I actually find myself rewatching the airplane rescue from Superman Returns alot. Besides the effects being incredible,it was the first time we'd seen the Man of Steel in action on the silver screen sice Christopher Reeves wore the suit too many years ago. Just like in the movie, it was a thrill for me to watch Supe show his stuff, and I found myself cheering right along with those folks watching in the movie.

How about yours?
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