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You mean like how they were going to let Wang go?

There was a window that allowed them to replace Wang with Ryan.


Was Wang actually fired?

Or where they waiting till Scorpion II or "The gift" to let him go, because what with giving him 8472 AIDs, Wang can't have been under any delusions that they were within seconds of turning off his golden shower.

So either they told Garret to pretend that he hadn't been fired, after the suits upstairs changed Berman's mind, or Jennifer was removed in the same way, and at the same time as the killshot which they had already lined up Wang well past when it was polite.

Would Oswald have still taken the shot if at the last second that JLK and LBJ had had their social agendas switched, and it was the vice president sailing towards the grassy knoll on that fateful day in November 1963?
An episode takes 14hrs to film and then goes into two to three week post production(sometimes longer) to add all the sound effects, editing and special EFX.(this is why much of the show is out of production order) By the time that ep. aires(Scorpion) the actors are returning from a 2 month hiatus. Plenty of time to renegotiate the 3 year contract that they all signed with their agent. So by the time production starts again, that actor knew if they were staying or going.
They did the same thing with Mulgrew at the end of Equinox pt1., so it's not like we don't know or its some type of conspiracy as folks keep trying to imply. What kind of conspiracy can there be to simply letting someone go? TPTB have given reasons for letting Jen go, if the fans can't accept it then how does that make the TPTB the ones creating conspiracy as if it was personal?
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