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Okay, wasn't sure if I was right or not; I did my best not to look it up. For the extra credit, you didn't mean the tactical position? I can't remember another one, but then again I don't have a photographic recollection of the entire series like a lot of us do.

Here's my question, and it's from an episode we all deliberately avoid. In "Shades of Gray," what does Riker say his grandfather was bitten by, and then what happened to what bit him?
O'Brien filled in for the Chief Engineer in All Good Things... he organized the Engineers into getting the warp plasma inducers fixed. And I misquoted Picard:

Picard: ...Chief O’Brien, Am I right in thinking that you’re having a problem with the warp plasma inducers?

O’Brien: That’s right Sir.

Picard: Well I know how to get them back online. You’re with me. We’ll be in Main Engineering (Main Engineering) Mr. O’Brien; will you use these specifications to bypass the secondary plasma inducer?

O’Brien: You’ll have to realize Sir this isn’t exactly my area of expertise. The Chief Engineer should be making these modifications.

Picard: But the Chief Engineer isn’t on board.
As to your question I'd say a snake and it died, but other than that bad joke, which is probably better than the episode, I got nothing.
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