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Paper Moon
Re: Latest acquisition!

Got the first two Cold Equations books at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Finished them both in just over a day. Great stuff. My "reviews," such as they are, are posted in the respective threads. (Btw: Silent Weapons is officially the best Trek novel yet in my books. Just saying.)

I did indeed read through Immortal Coil and the Ongoing Vol. 1 omnibus. Enjoyed them both, particularly the former. I think I will eventually pick up Ongoing Vol. 2, though I have some stuff coming up IRL that will preclude that for the time being.

Went ahead today and finally put Star Trek: Federation: The First 150 Years on pre-order on Amazon, just as the price was starting to creep up again. Pretty darn excited about that one! (Even if it isn't consistent with the novelverse. Honestly, the Romulan War novels were so underwhelming... but I digress.)

Can't wait for The Body Electric to come out at the end of December.

After that, I fear I'm going to go through a dry spell... the TOS novels sound cool, but I'm not sure I'll be willing to invest the time/money in them. (With the closing of Borders, I'm more reliant on Amazon, which ends up being more expensive, because I don't get to use coupons. You may call that being cheap; I prefer "frugality.") Oh well, time to catch up on old TrekLit. Used book stores, here I come!
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