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New Blood, Part 6

"Tekoa, how is that conduit repair coming along?" Robin Lefler asked as she walked through Upper Pylon 3. In a week or so the Cardassian delegation with Ambassador Elim Garak was slated to arrive.

"Should be done in the next hour or so, sir." Tekoa replied, "Looks like it was a chewed cable."

"Voles." Robin said with a sigh, "How appropriate. A vole infestation where the Cardassian delegation is expected to dock."

As she was about to tap her commbadge a vole ran right past her into another conduit. Robin thought, Strickland is going to have a heart attack.

"Computer, when was the last time a Cardassian vessel docked at the station?" Robin asked.

"Two weeks ago," the computer responded, "the vessel was the freighter Lakaria."

Robin called up the Lakaria's cargo manifest, noticing it carried farmed foodstuffs from Bajor. "And cue how these furry little buggers got here." Robin remarked before she tapped her commbadge, "Lefler to Strickland."

"Strickland here, go ahead." Robin replied.

"Sir, we have a vole infestation in upper pylon 3. I'm calling for some help from the science lab." Robin began.

"Alright, I'll need a full report by the end of the day and regular updates on your progress." Strickland replied, "Don't hesitate to ask for Security to provide teams of deputies as hunting parties."

What is this guy? Half Klingon? Robin thought.

"Yes sir." Lefler replied before tapping her comm badge, "Lefler to Nog."

"Nog here, go ahead." Nog replied.

"See if you can't locate any other complaints about voles on the Station." Robin replied.

"Voles? Not again..." Nog groaned over the comm line.

"I'll keep the shift focused around Upper Pylon 3." Robin replied, "Lefler out."


Several hours later Robin came home and promptly sat down on the sofa, propping her feet up on the coffee table before closing her eyes.

"Rough day, honey?" Carl said as he walked in.

Without opening her eyes Robin said, "Yeah, something like that."

Goliath immediately hopped off the floor onto the couch and rested his head in Robin's lap. Carl took a seat beside Robin, as she shifted her body to give him a bit of space and rested her head on his shoulder.

Robin reached her hand down and began to rub Goliath's furry head, moving her hand down the jaw before feeling a texture she couldn't quite place.

Her eyes flew open, "What is that in your mouth?"

She reached over and propped Goliath's head up, finding yet another Cardassian vole, this one dead in Goliath's jaws.

"Where did he find that?" Robin asked.

"Just below Upper Pylon 3 at the docking ring when I took him for a walk." Carl replied, "That was the sixth one he's killed all day."

"Who would've thought an Alaskan Malamute would be a match for a vole? Or that Goliath would turn into quite a vole slayer." Robin replied as she leaned her head further against Carl.


To Be Continued...
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