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Re: Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

Posted by Trek Empire:
Posted by Lisa:

Most popular free web providers like Geocities, Tripod, Lycos, Bravenet, Freeservers, and Boomspeed among others won't let you remotely link to images - in other words, they won't let an image from their web space show up on some other web page that isn't on their web space: like on our BBS as your avatar. Don't even bother trying to get your avatar hosted there.

Not all is lost though, you can still find places to host your BBS avatar with a minimum of fuss.

Your ISP Most ISP accounts come with an allocation of free web space. This is by far the best place to host your images. Check the details of your agreement with them, or their home page for details of how to use that.
Actually geocities do.
No they don't - I have a site there and unless you pay, no image linking for you.
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