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Re: TNG Caption This! 293: The Return of the Blu-Ray Images!

This Thanksiving weekend, I give thanks to Leadhead for the win!

Picard: Wow, when Stellar Outfitters says, "this Black Friday we're having a 'Fire Sale,'" they don't lie!

Picard: *thinking to himself* Oh, crap, what was Data saying again? I can't remember, my mind started to drift off. I need to say, something, don't I? Something that won't tip off I have no idea what he's saying. Nothing specific, but something that will also just make him go away. Hmmm, "Yeah, sounds good, go with that?" Naw, that sounds too weak. "I order you to do that?" No, that wouldn't work if he was just asking if I wanted some tea. Wait, I got it...

Data: ...rendering them helpless, but not causing any casulties...

Picard: Make it so. *to himself*...Nailed it!

And that was the last time the crew looked in on what Picard and Crusher were up to.

Geordi: Talk to the hand, 'cause the face ain't listening.

Worf: Apparently, humans are dumber than we Klingons give them credit for. They don't even know which part of their anatomy is responsible for auditory processing!

To Worf's embrassment, Data could never quite get the concept of musical chairs.
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