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Specific Recommendations - First Contact

I've become intrigued about interpretations of first contact.

Now I've read most of the classics, Niven, Asimov, etc, you name it. What I'm looking for is specific, but realistic enough for people to come up with recommendations.

What I'm looking for is a novel that involves first contact, or at least knowledge/discovery of other intelligent life by the human race. It must be set around this time, or in the very near future so familiar technology, such as the internet and cellular phones will be present, or at least the plot will encompass these ideas (eg, characters using their cell/mobile phones instead of running to a phone box).

I suppose you could say I'm looking for a first contact novel (or a novel that deals with the discovery that "we are not alone") set around present-day, with an emphasis on being realistic. You could say I'm looking for an updated version of Contact, I suppose.

I've done much searching, without really stumbling upon everything. Thanks in advance for any recommendations you may provide.
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