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Re: Most unjustly hated episode

As far as TNG goes...

- I like "Aquiel." It has an interesting mystery, with a suitably creepy atmosphere. It's got some good performances as well. It's not a great, stand-out episode, but I wouldn't call it actively bad.

- I always felt "Sub Rosa" had a little more going for it than most people gave it credit for. It's a little hokey at times, but it, again, has great performances from Gates McFadden and the actor who played Ronin. The thing I enjoyed about Ronin's character was that even if he was essentially using these people for energy, he did legitimately care about them and made them happy. It was manipulative, but also a bit more three-dimensional than your standard tale of deceit and deception. At the very least, the episode did try something different.

- Most of the latter day Wesley episodes were good to great, especially "Final Mission," which I would almost call an essential episode of the series, if you're trying to follow episodes with the most character development for the cast members.

- I want to hate "Rascals," and I usually hate episodes that make absolutely no scientific logic whatsoever (oh, they can lack actual science, but it has to be consistent--"Rascals" is practically "Threshold" worthy), but I always enjoy the episode. It's entertaining. Meh.

- "Emergence" also doesn't make a lot of sense, nor does "Genesis," but they are both incredibly fun episodes, as long as you can suspend your disbelief a little more than usual for the show.

- "Shades of Gray" is pretty patronizing and boring, but when you've watched every other single episode of the show about five thousand times, it's almost a breath of fresh air to watch something you've maybe seen once or twice before you tried to erase it from your memory by pouring bleach into your ear canal. There's a handful of good lines and character bits in the episode. That's pretty much all it's worth, and it's definitely a pretty piss poor episode...I don't even know why I'm even trying to defend it. It's indefensible. Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing talking about this one.
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