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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Been a busy little weekend here:

1) Updated the main Project: Potemkin site with a News article on "The Shovel of Kahless"

2) Continuing to make repairs to the bridge astrogator. We've replaced the service board with 15/16" plywood. Captain Grigory will be able to prop up his feet on the new panel. LOL

3) Uploading a BUNCH more "Shovel of Kahless" pictures to our Photobucket account: (These were taken mostly by Tim Carr, with William C. Searcy taking many as well.)

4) Contacted Keiichi-K1 at Deviant Art, and obtained his permission to use his helm-navigation panel as well as several of his animated Flash objects on various screens throughout the set. Really looking forward to using them. You can view his artwork page at:

5) We will be shooting two short, bridge-based vignettes ("Command Decision" and "Just Once") on December 21st and 22nd. Both scripts were written by David Eversole.

6) Trying to figure out a good weekend in January to shoot a landing party episode in Little Ocmulgee State Park which is about 100 miles from here. We'll need three cast members for Gorn, and three landing party members. Bear in mind, the Gorn are going to be completely obscured by the lizard masks.

7) Doug Harper is putting together a shoot in the Pittsburgh (PA) area. If you're interested, you can contact him here as USS Jack Riley, on Facebook as G. Douglas Harper, or you can contact me and I'll forward your email directly to him.

Hoping everyone ate far less than I did --- no more dressing and gravy for a while for me --- and that you all had a great Thanksgiving!
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