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Re: Stories you would have told in season seven

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During the last season of Voyager, my strongest memory was thinking about how many missed opportunities they had. I think a lot of people felt the same way, so this thread is your opportunity to rewrite the events leading up to the ending.

1. Full circle ending just like TNG and DS9. Voyager finds the home of the Caretaker species and there is a massive battle between the 'sporocystian' lifeforms and the borg, which results in them sending Voyager home, and the caretakers going to war with the Borg to protect the galaxy just as the original Caretaker protected the Ocampa.

2. Borg origin story. Voyager abused the hell out of time travel, having like four episodes per season, and it never occurred to them to go back in time to the Borg homeworld, right before they became the Borg? They could have massive ethical debates about the 'Temporal prime directive' when they could save trillions of lives but completely rewrite the timeline of the entire galaxy in the process.

3. A couple episodes after getting home. Why did they not get to Earth until the final scene? They had a brilliant opportunity to show them trying to re-assimilate, to see them have to deal with the Maquis division they hadn't thought about in years. The Maquis would obviously all be pardoned, but accepted into Starfleet at their Voyager field rank? And would they want to stay in Starfleet or go back to try to rebuild their colonies that had been destroyed by the dominion? And what happens when Janeway meets Mark again? So many missed opportunities.

Basically I would have had them get home a with five or six episodes left, then in the last episode, some ship on the edge of Federation space meets a caretaker and Janeway gets called in due to her experience with them.

How would you have ended the show differently?
With #2 suggestion I like the idea of 7 of 9 arc coming "full circle", with her facing down the Borg. Janeway has a reputation of willingness to sacrifice herself for the mission. I think it would be interesting for Seven to face that choice to sacrifice herself in such a way to have the Borg never coming into existence; thus she would never be, as we know her. Also, a great character moment for Janeway, as she could do nothing but stand and watch it. Fleshed out I think it has potential.

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Voyager comes across the skeletal remains of the Robinson family, aboard the rusting hulk of the Jupiter 2. An audio file is recovered of a single male voice crying "Oh, the pain! The pain!" The Robot is repaired, and Seven marries him, becoming Seven of B-9.

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Frankly, I'm glad Voyager didn't do a full circle ending.
After TNG & DS9 did it, having Voyager do it would have been too predictable IMO. I kinda like the ending gave us the unexpected.

I would have given "Endgame" 5 more minutes and have Janeway giving her first Adm. log by telling what happened to the crew after Voyager got home. As she was narrating it we'd see those events with the characters take place.

While I think 7th season might have been too late for the story, I've always wanted a ep. where we saw what Neelix' life was like on Rinax. We never got to see exactly all he lost. I think we'd learn to feel sorry for him if we knew what life was like for him before he lost it all.

I would have(if the actress was available) built up a romance for Chakotay with the blonde woman from the Equinox. Through her we could of been filled in on the rest of them without having to bring those actors back. It would have developed Chakotay's character and been a more satisfactory ending for him than hooking him up with Seven.

I would have done one more Kes story. Her getting back to Ocampa and find out hey had become slaves to the Kazon It also would have been a great way to revisit Seska's child and he be the new Maj. His Cardassian cruelty is what kept the Kazon in power by using the Ocampa as forced labor. I'd have Kes teach the Ocampa to us their mental abilities and wage war on their slave masters. I would have the ep. end with Kes' death but her legacy would live on in Ocampian culture.

I would have the Vadwaar return and turned them into desperate terrorist. I would have done a story were they mirrored the Maquis but unlike the Maquis being freedom fighters, they be more like Cardassians. Terrorizing civilizations for their survival.

I would have done a Harry/Tuvok story where Tuvok takes Harry under his wing allowing Harry to finally mature and earn the rank of Lt.
I do like the whole first log entry as an Admiral. Anything was better than 'we'll send you a report Admiral' ending they pieced together. Unless they were going to make a film-which they were not.

I recall friends who were not regular Trek watchers, responded with - That's it! .
Really needed more time on earth, as was mentioned and a commonly criticize for.
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