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Re: ‘Conan The Barbarian' and Arnold Reunited: Universal Reboots Franc

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Isn't Ahnuld Austrian, rather than German?
They are similar. Wasn't Conan supposed to be more brown skinned and less bulky according to the books?
Never read a Conan book, so don't know how he was described.

Regarding calling an Austrian, German, perhaps it's not all of the Austrians, but, I've known several Austrians, and every one that I've known has a really, really sensitive spot about being called German (IE: If you do it, duck, LOL)
It's sort of similar to the the relationship between The US and Canada, except Austria has been part of Germany several times. Austria was part of Germany during the Middle Ages, it was one of the first countries annexed by Nazi Germany, Hitler and other other high ranking Nazis were from Austria. They speak German in Austria, and I've heard it said that the German spoken in Bavaria is closer to Austrian German then it is compared to the German spoken in other parts of Germany.
After the whole experience with Nazi Germany and WWII, the Austrians aren't too keen on being confused with Germans though.
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