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Re: Not enough space on this DVD, buning problems.

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Okay, I'm trying to burn a DVD on my computer here and I've now wasted three blank DVDs trying to figure this damn problem out.

I try burning the disc, the Windows DVD Maker icon shows that I'm WELL inside the disc space, the file(s) only taking up maybe 66% of the disc's space. So this is not an issue of "menus and bullshit take up some space too." Also I tried it again after removing one of the files (the disc now to be about 1/2 full.) And I got the same error message about 80% through the "burning process", after clicking "ok" the disc continues to "burn" until a few tenths of a percent away from completion before the burner spits out a now useless hunk of plastic and the program says there was an "error in burning."

Should be noted the program IS saying the problem is with DVD's space not with hard drive space or memory space. (Both should be more than adequate, over 250GB of space avail on HD, and around a quarter of my 2GB of memory being used.)

I'm using Windows DVD Maker and would appreciate any help that ISN'T "get x, y and z, DVD Maker."

I've made several DVDs just fine using WDM and it's just recently started giving me problems.

DVDs I'm using are brand new, standard, 4.7GB/120min/16x blank DVDs.
It's a very common problem with Windows DVD Maker. If you check the Windows Vista forums, there are gobs of threads with this exact problem, with few solutions. The best one I've found so far is to do this:

Open DVD Maker. Go to Tools > Compatibility > Uncheck all filters ending in .ax.

If that doesn't work, fuck it, and download this:

It's free. I've used it and it works okay.
Yeah.... no compatibility tab.

EDIT: Nevermind. found it in "Movie Maker" which, as I understand it, is related to DVD Maker and should have the same effect.
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