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Re: Much love to Kes

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I know she's technically hot but I've never looked at her that way.
I agree, while I can see that she is supposed to be "sexy" because she is written that way, and she "conforms to the profile." Because I view Seven as also being a basic non-sexual person, she really doesn't push my personal want to have sex with this person buttons.
That's the key I think (for me). That's why I like some characters that aren't traditionally viewed as hot, such as Quark, because they do come across as very sexual people and uhh.. I like that. A lot of it is YMMV stuff of course but I think 7 is clearly a "basic non-sexual person".

And with due respect to Jeri, I like my girls with a little more round on them. But that's just me.

Parts of her are round..

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