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UK BBC One(?!) To Air Star Trek soon?

The Trekkie girls posted this on facebook, although their source is a BBC Journo on Twitter:

@sallcoll said...@giagia long range sensors indicate arrival of Enterprise on BBC1 within 9 days. Thought Trek fans should be the first to know. RT?

(Specific tweet: )

So, yeah. Either someone is seriously mistaken (which considering how she has reiterated the point multiple times, I would hope not) or the BBC are seriously going to air Star Trek of some kind (Enterprise? Probably not but who knows) in prime time on the most watched television channel in the UK. Could it be Enterprise in HD? TOS HD? SyFy have started airing TNG in HD, but considering the fuss they made over it I would imagine they have it exclusively. In any case, ANY non-UK made show airing on BBC 1 is a big deal, even bigger if Its Sci Fi (the only SciFi show I can think of that BBC one has aired is Doctor Who) and even bigger for us if It's Star Trek of any kind.

This is by no means confirmed as fact, but this one source has been rather consistent with her blabbing over it being a done deal. Regardless of what Trek they decide to air, if they air Trek at all on the BBC, it's a big deal and would expose it to a much wider audience than it would have otherwise been seen by in many, many years.

So what do you guys think? Single crazy person, or possible done deal?

I guess we'll find out in 9 days...
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