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Re: "Children of Time" Plot-hole Question

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First of all, Bashir clearly stated that Odo was infected in a Stardate 49XXX, which would be in season 4, and Children of Time was season 5, so Odo clearly was infected.
Except that Odo wasn't always a changeling in that time. He was made into a solid, which eliminated the virus from his morphogenic matrix - as he no longer had a morphogenic matrix! So by the time we get to "Children of Time", Odo has had the virus removed from his body. Indeed, it would have been when Odo was judged in the great Link that he was both cured and passed the Virus on to the rest of the Link!

Odo was then re-infected at the beginning of Season Six, when he linked with the female changeling.

Seriously, why is there even a debate about this?
Because dialog in "When It Rains..." clearly establishes that, based on the progression of the disease in a sample Odo left, Odo was infected on stardate 49419 - "the day Odo was at Starfleet Medical." Bashir explicitly noted he was thrown off by assuming that he was infected when he linked with the FC.

The revelation that Odo was infected at Starfleet Medical, and ultimately by Section 31, hinges on the disease in that sample having uninterrupted progression since before Odo was made into a solid.

The plot hole is actually in "When It Rains..." and not "Children of Time."
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