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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

Kelthaz wrote: View Post
I know of Asterix because of the Sega games, but if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have a clue. However, I am fairly familiar with Tin Tin.
... But not familiar enough to know that he's "Tintin", apparently.

(Sorry, but I grew up loving Tintin, so seeing his name split up is a pet peeve of mine.)

Kegg wrote: View Post
...has anyone actually said that?
No. The actual conversation goes like this:
A: There ought to be a Wonder Woman movie!
B: Sure, but there are legitimate reasons for a studio to be wary of such a project.
A: No, there aren't! Wonder Woman is popular!
B: Sort of, but there have been a lot of failures of similarly-themed projects, including an aborted WW tv show. This history of failure only makes studios more nervous, adding to their existing nervousness, which was understandable to begin with.
Mister Fandango: I love the rationalization a lot of people use around here. "Well, since that last Wonder Woman show NBC made was utter crap, any attempt to do anything with Wonder Woman WILL be utter crap. Because it was Wonder Woman that made it crap, not all the stupid ass decisions the people who made the previous show." Just blows my mind how some people think.

I'd like to see a well-done Wonder Woman movie myself. But I can also see why WB is wary of making one, and why they're going to introduce her in a JLA movie, which does actually seem to be happening this time, rather than a solo flick.
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