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Re: RIP Larry Hagman

Full disclosure: I never was a DALLAS fan, so J.R. as a character never caught much of my attention. But I was a younger age when I DREAM OF JEANNIE came out and very much enjoyed the bumblings of Majors Nelson and Healy.

Hagman's early career has a standout role as President Henry Fonda's interpreter in FAIL-SAFE. He also had a terrific part as a
closeted Democratic rival to John Travolta in PRIMARY COLORS. In the 70s he even directed the little-seen sequel to THE BLOB.

But despite all that, I think we could best honor Mr. Hagman by taking his expert advice from 1978's SUPERMAN. I hereby suggest everybody reading this post give the person you love a vigorous chest massage, followed by extensive mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. If Larry was willing to do it for Valerie Perrine, how can we do no less in his memory?

Rest in peace, sir.....
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