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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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All I'm saying is that, technically, all Data knows is that Soong remembers seeing Juliana and Vaslovik together in 2375. He doesn't know the circumstances in which Vaslovik's mansion burned down, and he doesn't have confirmation that Juliana survived the Borg Invasion.
Remember who you're talking about, though. "Vaslovik" is a man who's survived for thousands of years. Naturally he's learned to be careful, and has had literal lifetimes to become a master of his environment. He always has to be ready to abandon an identity and move on to a new one at any moment in order to preserve his secret. Naturally he, like Soong, would always have an exit prepared.

And it certainly doesn't stand to reason that a man that resourceful wouldn't have a smoke alarm in his house. The mansion burned down, it wasn't blown up. That wouldn't have happened by accident, so the logical conclusion is that he burned it down himself in order to conceal clues to where he was going. Soong recognized as much, and Data would know as much.

I think you're making the assumption that Flint was caught unawares by the invasion, but that's unlikely. He would've been well aware of the news of the ongoing Borg assault -- which, remember, was going on for six weeks before the final blitzkrieg. He would've had plenty of time to see the writing on the wall and bolt for safety, and he would've certainly taken Julianna with him. I find it highly unlikely that a man with so much experience at surviving and staying hidden would've been caught unprepared.
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