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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

Bushwhacked: A perfect piece of space fantasy. We learn more about those our heroes are up against (Alliance and Reavers) and more about our heroes themselves. Kaylee has a Scotty moment. Jayne is impressively stupid but impressively clever about self preservation. The Doctor steps up and despite being teased relentlessly does well.

Book seriously shits me in this episode, as he frequently does. You don't get to be people's conscience without their consent preacher.

But best of all.. "have you ever been with a warrior woman?"

And now here's some pictures of prettiness.

(so much lovely chutzpah..)

My kitchen fetish continues.. the cupboards!

And Jayne's tattoo which is apparently of a koi dragon:

Here's a link to a replica tatt of it:

lurok LOL on the " Don't go in the abandoned spaceship. Bad things will happen." And yet they always do don't they.

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