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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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So, will the last episode see everyone dying, Rick turning his gun on himself, and the screen fading to black while the walkers close in? If so, why watch?
Not necessarily, but look at the arc. How many characters who were in the first season are still around now? Rick, Carl, Daryl, Merle, Andrea, Glen, & Carol. You can't seriously expect all of them to be around for the next two seasons, right? We've lost as many or more notable characters from the Atlanta camp in the same amount of time already.

This show stands alone as being able to go on after losing any of its main characters. People are still going to watch. The show is called "The Walking Dead", not "The Georgian Survivors of The Zombie Apocalypse". As characters die, new ones are introduced, like Hershel, Maggie & Michonne. Are their stories less worthwhile than those of Rick, Daryl, & Glenn?

I don't think so. I'd think differently if it were almost any other show, but this one can pull it off. The show isn't about Rick. It's about the zombie apocalypse, & anybody who's alive during that will have stories which can be just as interesting

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What is the point to the show?
If you're looking for a guage by which to interpret the show's direction, then watch the webisodes. Most shows' webisodes at least use some people from the supporting cast of the show, but not TWD. Totally arbitrary individuals who are also in the world of the walking dead

Every single character we have can die, as long as the stories stay fresh, imho
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