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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

While I'm sure only the best of intentions were made to the material in season 2, its undeniable that staying as faithful to the original and moving away from the stylistic choices made in season 1 has been met with mixed critique.

Personally I'd like all 7 seasons to look as similar to the work done on season 1 as possible because it was not only true and respectful to the original, it also improved the viewing experience of Next Gen beyond the vastly improved live action material, the FX work was frankly sublime, I found myself surprised on many occasions how brilliant the planets looked for example. It was also consistent, the show as many pointed out looked different every few episodes; the way the Enterprise was lit, the look of the planets etc, again another aspect many were never fond of. The work CBS-D did transcended that, from episode to episode the FX style was uniform only enhancing the viewing experience.

Season 2, I can only judge by the 2 trailers and a dozen or so caps we've been shown, but from what I've seen of this different take on the effects I can only say I find it disappointing in comparison to what came before. I don't want to pick them to pieces as they have been before but the shots lack the vibrance and power of the FX we enjoyed with season 1. The 'original viewing experience' doesn't translate to HD very well to those who have picked up on it.

Season 2 in my opinion lacks the 'upgrade' that was done so well to Season 1, but that's just my two cents.
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