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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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1. Trains, because peak oil will kill planes and cars.
2. Bicycles, because peak oil will kill busses and cars.
3. Biodigesters, because the world needs sanitation and we can't afford just cleaning waste up and then dumping it.
4. Mixed-used urban planning.
5. I imagine those touch-interfaces will become more ubiquitous.
I've covered this before one really agrees when "peak oil" will occur, and those energy technologies can be supplanted by renewable energy tech and fusion. Some estimates of peak oil have been in the 2050-2100 range and we are also likely to have workable fusion before that period. In almost every single case, the people who talk about it don't take this into account in estimates(yes I have posted statistics on this) dont believe the hype.

Interestingly, I just saw a story today about solar powered combustion engines...hmmm

Touch interfaces will be a good interim technology but will probably be replaced by more advanced input methods in the decades to come.


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1. No thanks
2. Touch screen interfaces are stupid
3. No thanks, I'd rather pay with cash if I'm buying something in person
4. No I won't
5. It already does, if internet porn counts?

Also, smart phones and tablets are stupid., you're a luddite?
No, I just dislike those particular technologies. None of those things are true advances (other than the first one, which I dislike because it takes away control from the user, while bringing no real benefits to 'advanced users', which in this case refers to good drivers) and add nothing valuable to the user experience, other than adding a little convenience for some users and taking away a little convenience for other users.

Flexible screens already exist, btw, and they're quite usable, just not durable or reliable enough for real-world use yet. RFID technology and voice control aren't exactly revolutionary, either.
I believe there are statistics to show that automatic cars are safer than man driven ones--since you are perfect and never have been in an accident--but others may not be perfect like you. Personally I don't like the technology myself, but I understand the reason for it's development.

Ten years ago there was a technology discussion here on this BB about how touch screens were not practical and how would never be popular. I explained why they would be and we'd have them before the 24th century. Guess who was right?

Smart phones are a transformative and important technology for the myriads of reasons I've pointed about before. Yes I'm right on this too.

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